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Go Green and restore Africa – Strengthen climate resilient communities through sustainable nature-based solutions, for current and future generations Our Services Contact US
Strengthen climate resilient communities through sustainable nature-based solutions, for current and future generations

Go Green

& restore Africa

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Go Green,

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Combat climate change effect, restore ecosystem and conserve species Our Services Contact US

Who we are

Go Green, Save Lives

Go Green and Restore Africa Action (GGRAA) Ltd is a social enterprise created in 2019 with the main purpose: 

  • To raise awareness about a green planet, green economy,  efficient use of natural resources, climate resilience and sustainable development
  • To improve green consciousness and entrepreneurship from the grassroots with focus on nature based solutions.
  • To foster sustainable actions for green recovery and environment restoration. 
  • To engage many people in building climate resilient communities
  • To support people to access and enjoy the benefits that nature can provide as incentives to take action in sustainable green solutions.

We are passionate to bring together the three sustainability  pillars (people, profit and planet) and to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation.



We treat everyone equally with compassion and respect, We serve everybody with transparency and accountability, We value the needs of our customers and partners as we focus on the quality of products and services we provide.


We are passionate about what we do for green change and environment friendly best practices. We accept risks, and approach them with strategies


With acquired knowledge and praxis, we value creativity and innovation to make new changes


We believe that simple and small actions will take us to big and sustainable actions and impact.

Our Services

Our Best Services

We believe that everyone can green the planet, combat climate change
and leap the benefits from nature in everyday life.

Green Design & Fashion 

Improve access to None timber Forest Products (NTFP)

Green Consultancy

Ecotourism/ responsible tourism

Want To Help?

There are many ways that you can help us to achieve a healthy ecosystem on a green planet
where current and future generations live a green and healthy life while they enjoy the benefits from nature.
Learn more about the ways you can help today.


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Musanze District, Musanze Sector, Cyabagarura Cell